At a very early age, Lisa, also known as “The Messenger”, discovered that she could communicate with the “Other Side.” At first, she was excited by the ability see and feel spirits around her, however, it did not take her long to realize that not everyone had this ability; in fact, there were many who were skeptical; some were threatened by her gift. Being respectful to the many people around her who did not understand, she continued to deepen her communication and was guided to hone her skills privately, “until the time is right”.

Over the years, her passion to understand this ability and her desire to share her messages has inspired her to become a Reiki Master, an Angel Healer Practitioner, as well as a “Medical Intuitive.”  She calls on the Ascended Masters and Angels to guide her regarding valuable information for those in need of guidance, whether it be in health, relationship or other matters. In addition to private readings, Lisa is also a published author. In her first book, In My Mind’s Eye, she uses real stories to introduce the reader to the basics of spirituality. Recently, Lisa has been called to share her loving messages with others, and to teach people the “Hows and Why’s” of connecting with their own spirit guides and guardian angles.