Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in “laying on of hands.” Reiki can also be done “long distance,” as a form of prayer. According to many versions of its origin, Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese seeker of spiritual truths,brought the Reiki method of healing into human awareness in 1922, after a deep spiritual experience. He is said to have begun teaching others after a serious earthquake hit Japan and he felt urged to spread his knowledge.

In a Reiki session, the practitioner is seeking to transmit Universal Life Energy to the client. The intention is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

Lisa is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher who offers a loving touch while working on and with her clients and students. She offers discounted group rates for Reiki 1 & 2 certification but, requires 5 or more students. Classes are approximately 5-6 hours that are completed in one day.

Reiki Session $44

Reiki 1 Certification $177

Reiki 2 Certification $ 222

Reiki Masters Certification – email request