I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs help with connecting with a loved one or getting a reading from the angels for any questions that you might have. She has helped me many times with certain problems and she can help you too.
~ Rev.Vincent Christiano

I asked Lisa to give me a medical intuitive reading on my friend, whose health was compromised, with his permission. Not only was she spot-on with what was currently happening. She correctly identified a past issue and how this could turn into a challenging situation for him in the future. When I shared this information with my friend, he committed to take better care of his health. A wonderful outcome from a wonderful reading!
~ Dyanna Jamiel, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I appreciate the work Lisa has done for me which makes me feel uplifted and empowered. In general I feel so much happier and alive. I am in a place where I am allowing and receiving more into my life because of my experience with Lisa. Lisa, you are an inspiration to all and I thank you for your continued support in my journey. Thanks a million!

It was destiny that I met Lisa, and can’t put into words the influence she has had on my life since. I have watched her grow spiritually, and I am still in awe of her countless talents! I look to her for loving wisdom, and she is the person I never cease to turn to for spiritual guidance. Anyone who meets her, benefits. In Lisa, I have found a friend, counselor, mother, and voice of truth.
~ Brittany, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Lisa is a great spirit that gives the most beautiful messages that will lift your soul. She brings hope and peace to your doubts and worries. Her straight forward approach leaves no doubt in your mind that you are headed in the right direction. She is a compassionate intuitive and healer and the angels chose her to bring you the message of love and light. You will always feel great after you have spoken or been healed by Lisa and will find a new sense of direction in your life.
~ Jennifer Nicole, Angel Healer, New Beginnings Healing

Courage is a matter of the heart. I wish that everyone not only had the courage but the ability to see miracles, perform miracles and be a living miracle as Lisa is in our lives. Lisa, not only took me in under her wings and showed me (through her spiritual knowledge of love and healing) how to get my life back on track and to better myself in my health; since I have listened to her, I have taken note and made changes in my life to better my health. It wasn’t by chance or accident, that I was taken under her wing for that short period of time. I was sent by God to experience her healing touch. I love her dearly and will continue to keep her in my life as a friend, mentor, healer and spiritual guide. Thank you Lisa for all you give!
~ Michelle, Sebring, FL